channelsurfer (channelsurfer) wrote,

On brains, boobs and bagels

Random TV quote of the day:

"I wish her brains were bigger than her boobs."
--East Brunswick resident Lenny Val commenting on fellow contestant Theresa on "The Apprentice"

Every time I think the new season of "The Apprentice" can't repeat the hilarity of its initial episode, it does. And last night was no exception.

East Brunswick resident Lenny Val kept the laughs coming, when he criticized his team's project manager, Theresa, with the above zinger. It was equally amusing to watch him argue with Lee and Dan, who decided to forgo participating in the task in order to properly celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Lenny, who is also Jewish, called their decision "stupid," and pointed out that Jews in the Israeli Army don't refuse to work on holidays.

Apparently Trump thinks Lenny (aka "The Russian") is amusing as well. When the comedian Synergy hired to entertain General Motors execs bombed, Trump asked Theresa, "Why didn't you use Lenny as your comedian?"

It was clear, though, that Theresa erred in not bringing Charmaine, who was responsible for hiring the foul-mouthed female comedian (and then proceeded to pay her a bundle!) and the vacuous models, into the boardroom. I also thought she was way off the mark when she insisted Lenny hadn't contributed. After all, Lenny was shown outside sweating in a three-piece suit to ensure the stage, tents and balloons were set up.

And as annoying as Brent can clearly be, I don't think he deserves the ire he's receiving from his teammates. Allie, in my opinion, came across as mean spirited when, right before Synergy swam with sharks at the aquarium, she said, "I just hope the sharks like Brent. I'd love to get rid of him."

I also thought NBC crossed the line when it focused so much attention on Brent's eating habits. It's obvious the man isn't in the greatest shape. But there are plenty of other personality traits that make him an interesting - and albeit annoying - character to watch. So was it really necessary to focus in on the stack of buttered bagels piled in front of him?
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